Infrared Thermometer -50 to 500 C

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A non contact Infrared Thermometer -50 to 500 C that offers many valuable features. It help the user to aim precisely on object to be tested and accurately measure the temperature of different surfaces mount devices without touching the target object. It has wide measuring range from -50°C up to 500°C (or -58 to 932°F). It safely measure surface temperatures of hot, hazardous or difficult-to-reach objects, without touching them.

Featuring Ambient Temperature (TAMB) measurement, dual temperature display, built-in laser pointer, white backlight, large LCD display, data hold function, selectable °C & °F, collimator, Maximum, Minimum, and AVG (average) display, low battery indicator, field of view of 8:1, emissivity of 0.95, spectral response of 8-14um and auto power off.

Infrared Thermometer -50 to 500 C Suitable for a range of applications:

Food Safety, HVAC/R Systems, Home Inspection, Fire and insurance inspections, Electrical and Industrial, Automotive and Diesel, Plant/General Maintenance, Construction Inspection, Manufacturing quality control, Asphalt Work and farms are some of the applications

A fast, reliable tool famous for its rugged and ergonomic design which fits comfortably in either hand.

CE Mark & other standards meeting all the essential health and safety requirements set out in European Directives as well as with the EN61326-1, EN61010-1, and EN60825-1 standards.

Infrared Thermometer -50 to 500 C Key Features:

Effective, Reliable and Easy to Use

With Single dot laser targeting and non-contact measuring
Allows continues temperature measurement
Dual temperature display
Wide measuring range of -50°C to 500°C (-58°F to 932°F)
Comply with CE safety standards, the essential health and safety requirements set out by the European Directives
With Built-in laser pointer identifies target area
Compatible with EN61326-1, EN61010-1, and EN60825-1 standards
Ambient temperature(TAMB) measurement
Large LCD display with White-Gray Backlighting
With Maximum, Minimum, and AVG (average) indicator
Large LCD screen shows readings in Fahrenheit (°F) or Celsius (°C)
With hold function and low battery indication
With fast response time of 0.5 second & auto-power off
1 Year Warranty

Infrared Thermometer -50 to 500 C Specifications:

LCD display : Double Temperature 4-digit LCD
Measurement Range : -50°C to 500°C (-58°F to 932°F)
Ambient Temperature Range (TAMB measurement) : 0°C to 50°C
Accuracy : -20°C to 500°C (1.5% or plus minus 2°C / 4°F)
Accuracy : -50°C to -20°C : plus minus (5°C / 9°F)
Over Range Indication : “OL” or “- OL”
Resolution : 0.2
Field of View : 8:1
Emissivity : 0.95
Spectral Response : 8 – 14 um
Response Time : 0.5 second
Laser Power : Less than 1 mw
Typical Distance to Target : up to 1.5m
Backlight : White
Operating Surrounding : 0 to 50°C , 10 to 90%RH
Storage Surrounding : -10 to 60°C , less than or equal to 75%RH
Power Supply: 9V Battery
Auto Power Off : 20s
Dimension : 120 x 45 x 180mm (L x W x H)
Weight : approx. 205g (including battery)

Infrared Thermometer -50 to 500 C Accessories include:

9V Battery x 1
Operation Manual
Protective & Soft Carrying Pouch


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