Portable Ultrasonic Thickness Testers

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Welcome to Omnitron (UK) Ltd. A leading supplier of a range of gas leak detectors, portable gas detectors and testing and measuring instruments ideal for professionals working in many different industries, including our most popular Portable Ultrasonic Thickness Testers.

Many of our competitively priced products, including the gas leak detectors, are equally useful for landlords, building inspectors, and anyone with Health & Safety responsibilities.

Safety in particular is crucial in so many situations, and our gas leak detectors and portable gas detectors can provide peace of mind for everyone including businesses, domestic householders and caravan owners.

We also provide a cost effective way to measure the thickness of various materials including glass, various metals & plastics with our Portable Ultrasonic Thickness Testers which are ideal for many different industries.

For advice or guidance on the suitability of any of our products please contact us.